Murdoch’s NoW Executives Deleting Emails.


Guardian is reporting a massive obstruction effort by News of the World executives:

According to legal sources close to the police inquiry, a senior executive is believed to have deleted “massive quantities” of the archive on two separate occasions, leaving only a fraction to be disclosed. One of the alleged deletions is said to have been made at the end of January, just as Scotland Yard was launching Operation Weeting, its new inquiry into the affair. The allegation directly contradicts NI claims that it is co-operating fully with police in order to expose its history of illegal newsgathering.

This is a scandal that reaches all the way to Prime Minister David Cameron. Close associates and friends of the PM are implicated in this mess. His office is going to have to do a lot of tap dancing to stay ahead of things like this. Seizing NoWs records should really have been step 1. I’m sure there’s a sound legal reason why this didn’t happen – but we’re going to have to hear it from offialdom.

Phone hacking: Police probe suspected deletion of emails by NI executive | Media | The Guardian.


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