Waste Diversion, Fluoridation, and Cycling Infrastructure in First Round of Potential City Hall Cuts – Torontoist

This shit has got to stop right now. I’m forced to sit and stamp my feet in indignation at a time when this city needs people on the streets.

This mayor lied about the purpose of the review.

Torontoist notes:

The report is, in one respect, a startling failure. Ford based his election campaign on the notion that we “don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem”—specifically, on the idea that our budget was bloated by waste. As the gravy train apparently ran amok through Toronto’s streets, we were all supposedly suffering from the unfair burden of a tax bill inflated by the costs of mismanagement. Today’s report is based on looking at the success and potential opportunities for savings in the various programs and services the City delivers, but does not actually examine the efficiencies of those services.

They then quote the report directly:

KPMG did not assess the effectiveness or efficiency of City services. Assessment of how services are delivered is envisioned to be conducted through separate efficiency reviews. KPMG did not conduct financial analyses of programs and services to identify potential savings.

This mayor lies about everything. Hey Rob Ford, you are a liar. And guess what you can’t even sue me for Libel. You know why? Because KPMG has publicly stated that it did not do what you said it would.

So: Rob Ford Is A Liar. Come get me.

Torontoist.com via Lloyd Alter for Treehugger.com


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