Can we please please finally undo the amalgamation fiasco?

Contrary to the assertions that amalgamation would make the GTA more efficient, it has kicked the living **** out of its ability to meet the varying needs of its diverse communities. John Lorinc writing for the Toronto Standard noted in his column yesterday that the Core Services Review has pretty much dissolved any doubt that amalgamation was anything more than a giant “Fuck You” to urban centres in Ontario – especially Toronto:

In fact, the sub-sub-text of this report is that amalgamation, though not a complete disaster, has turned out to be a financial millstone. The critics predicted as much back in 1997, during the amalgamation/downloading fight initiated by the Mike Harris Tories. Fourteen years on, KPMG has proven them correct, again.

via Core Services Review: Hard Times Redux? | Toronto Standard | News, Media, Art, Business, Technology, Fashion, Events.


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