Ghost in the Machine: Bradley Manning

The last thing he said in the chat logs was, “ive seen far more than a 22 y/o should.”

Bradley Manning is the ghost in the machine. Manning is perhaps the one person in the entire WikiLeaks affair who should receive public sympathy, and support. Alexis Madrigal does an excellent job parsing Manning’s psychological development and the leaking of the SIPRNET logs.

Importantly Madrigal does not present the sexual orientation issue as something that can explain the “defect” of Manning’s alleged treason. Manning was coming to terms with the fact that he was transgendered. But Manning was also staring down some of the worst atrocities perpetrated by the US in Iraq and they went directly against his personal values. Manning the human being in all his complexities is not some cartoon. Madrigal tries to spell this out for us.

via Bradley Manning, the Person: The Making of the World’s Most Notorious Leaker – Alexis Madrigal – Technology – The Atlantic.


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