Hell in a Handbasket …

The Guardian is not a cheerful place this morning. At least two instances of stories which bode ill for global economic health.

In the UK 1 in 5 households are likely to spend 10% or more of their income on heating and electricity, putting them into what the Guardian says is “fuel poverty”. One of the major problems it seems is poor insulation. But while the Con-dems are undertaking a decade long plan to rectify this problem they’re pulling the plug on the only other programme to ease enegy costs for the poorest and most vulnerable in the meantime. *facepalm*

*One in five households in fuel poverty as energy prices soar*
source The Guardian World News via feedly

The other news causing anxiety is the US debt crisis. Obama, frustrated with the fighting, has set July 20th as the deadline to shit or get off the pot. Congressional Republicans in turn are doing their best immitation of anal-retentive children. The threat of default is giving investors and analysts kittens.

*US debt standoff threatens to turn crisis into catastrophe*
source The Guardian World News  via feedly


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