SOLS – Save Our Library System

Today the Executive Committee was given the report recommending taking the budgetary scorched earth campaign to the TPL.

The Star has run a piece on the likely private contractor to take over the system should Toronto go that way: LSSI. So how is this going to work?

How do they make money? “Eliminate a lot of nonvalue added overhead, typically in the back office or the head office.”

Lower salaries, paraprofessionals instead of librarians with master’s degrees, reduced benefits and a heavy reliance on volunteers for work and for fundraising is the consensus in a series of community reports.

Also, “books that aren’t being circulated are replaced with books that are being circulated.”

I cannot imagine a public system that doesn’t include the public programmes like mums and tots story time and children’s reading series that filled my childhood. What this will do to branches in Toronto’s poorer neighbourhoods scares the bejeezus out of me. Deskilling the library staff in this way is just another way this city is becoming just a little darker. Just a little meaner. This has to stop.

via the Toronto Star


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