Canadian Artist Blacklisted By Harper Government …

I haven’t seen this covered in the mainstream press, but I understand that Artist Franke James has become the latest target of bully-boy tactics by some in the Federal Government. No government should be interfering with the expression of its citizens, and the cultural commentary of artists is sacrosanct – regardless of its political content.

This is what we’ve come to. I don’t care what your political stripe is, this is getting to the point of childish.

From the author’s website:

The Canadian Government, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party, is actively working to shut down my solo European art exhibition, which is set to tour 20 cities in Europe. The government’s interference includes phoning the corporate sponsor, and persuading them to cancel their $75,000 sponsorship.

Here is some of the work that has offended the government so much:


via Franke James » Blog Archive » Canadian Government Tries to Silence Franke James.


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