Don’t call it a come back …

I’m fascinated by the resurgence of feminism. This is a much needed voice that has trailed of in recent years. But one of the interesting things to me – as someone who studies the way activism functions – is the way a movement ebbs and then comes back – sometimes stronger than before.

We’ve got this massive resurgence in feminism and the question is not now ‘Does it exist?’ but ‘What can it achieve?’,” said Banyard, founder of campaign group UK Feminista and author of The Equality Illusion. “There are vast swathes of the population who aren’t happy with the status quo, who aren’t content with the fact that feminism is an unfinished revolution. We need to make that discontent visible and bring it to the surface – to a place where it can’t be dismissed or ignored.

via Feminism is back and we want to finish the revolution, say activists | World news | The Guardian.


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