Post-Anarchism? Quoi?

I’m minding my own business, trawling my feeds and this tangential moment is coughed up on my screen: Post Anarchism, Manuel Castles “The Disgust Becomes a Network”

Hey, I’m all for this spreading your philosophical wings, but don’t you need to have been something before you can be post-?

Saul Newman is apparently one of the leads on this “thing” whatever it is and he expounds on the thing here: The Politics of Post Anarchism.

Seriously – pardon me for being a bit of party pooper, but if you are saying, as Newman does that:

…new political challenges and questions emerge – concerning freedom beyond securities, democracy beyond the state, politics beyond the party, economic organization beyond capitalism, globalization beyond borders, life beyond biopolitics – challenges and questions that anarchism is best equipped to respond to with the originality and innovation that our new situation demands.

Aren’t you saying that’s anarchism? By pretending that this thing you’re selling is somehow new, aren’t you taking a big goddamn dump on the intellectual legacy you are standing on top of? How is this post anarchism? Me, Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin and others are going to have a few things to say about this.

Don’t get me wrong – the more like-minded souls that start standing up for alternatives that are in touch with human rather than capital needs, the better. This post- non-sense? Non-merci.


3 thoughts on “Post-Anarchism? Quoi?

  1. guest says:

    You should do some research before you post:

  2. Zach says:

    Saul Newman does a great job showing why this philosophy is so much much different from traditional anarchy in this writing:

    Also its called post-anarchism because he take anarchism under a post-structuralist view.

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