RIM is being asked to hand over the logs and shut down BBM

RIM is being asked to shut down BBM and hand over its messenger logs to the British Authorities … weren’t thesethe same authorities who were demanding companies not do this in Egypt, Syria, China, Lybia … you get the picture.

I don’t want to suggest that the causes are the same. But the disaffection that has led to the rioting is not “criminality pure and simple” as Cameron put it so bluntly yesterday. This has been simmering for some time. Riots do not “just happen”.

Disabling BBM won’t stop the rioters. They can just as easily move to another medium – sms, email, hell – just phoning. SO unless they are ready to kill the entire mobile network – the British Government is going to be a bit disappointed in the results.

Government hypocrisy+short sightedness. Gotta love it.


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