Republican Presidential hopeful reveals his true colours, and a philosophical problem. If one were to seek a moment to articulate one of the monumental philosophical cleavages in American … indeed Western societies is the de jure and sometimes de facto personhood that has been granted to Corporations. Mitt Romney inadvertantly flagged this schism when engaging hecklers at an Iowa gathering.

“Corporations!” the protesters shouted, suggesting that Mr. Romney, as president, should raise taxes on large businesses.

“Corporations are people, my friend,” Mr. Romney responded, as the hecklers shouted back, “No, they’re not!”

“Of course they are,” Mr. Romney said, chuckling slightly. “Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to people. Where do you think it goes?”

Ah yes Mr. Romney it does go to people, people who are able to leverage enormous resources that stretch and deform their political rights beyond any imagining. A corporate individual has all the rights and some of the best mechanisms for shirking the obligations conferred upon individuals. We can thank the US Supreme Court for that. Oh certainly there are laws and regulations – but the history of corporate America is littered with the examples of just how vastly unequal they are before the law, and not in the sense that they are marginalized. 

Thank you Mr. Romney for pointing out whose rights will likely take priority under a Romney Presidency. Your candour is refreshing.

‘Corporations Are People,’ Romney Tells Iowa Hecklers Angry Over His Tax Policy


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