While spying on the public is rampant in the UK …

… similar levels of stupid are popping up in the US as well.

The BART (Bay Area Regional Transit) has produced a small video serving as part of its spin-control of the mobile services shutdown:

I think I nearly puked at the 2:10 mark as the medical-type-person (I am assuming due to the scrubs) goes out of her way to thank the riot cops for the cameras. Ah yes, the civic-mindedness of the person who doesn’t want to be inconvenienced by the rights of others. They can protest outside the BART but not in the BART stations. Why? Both are public spaces. But we aren’t going to get that conversation from this puff-piece.


While civil libertarians were pissed off about the BART shutting down the mobile service to some of its 350,000 riders, apparently the move was enough to interest the FCC as well:

Any time communications services are interrupted, we seek to assess the situation,” said FCC spokesman Neil Grace in an e-mail. “We are continuing to collect information about BART’s actions and will be taking steps to hear from stakeholders about the important issues those actions raised, including protecting public safety and ensuring the availability of communications networks.


Yesterday’s protest on the BART seemed to fizzle.


Bart’s YouTube anti-protest Video

FCC looking into BART Mobile Shutdown

Anonymous Protests BART


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