CCTV – Biggest security boondoggle EVER …

BBC reports that London’s Metropolitan Police Department (Scotland Yard to you and me) has assessed the effectiveness of the city’s million plus CCTV cameras and it ain’t good. The numbers are shocking, even to someone who is by nature critical of securitization of everyday life.

1 crime was solved for every 1000 cameras in the network.

In one month CCTV helped catch just eight of 269 suspects.

Instead of acknowledging that the programme itself needs to be scrapped, the report’s commissioner went on record with stupendously ill worded statement:

“CCTV, we recognise, is a really important part of investigation and prevention of crime, so how we retrieve that from the individual CCTV pods is really quite important.”

Ummmmm can someone point out to him that his own report just indicated that CCTV cameras are really unimportant in the investigation process.

According to the Beeb a spokesperson for the Home Office said that CCTVs “help communities feel safer.” Based on what? From what we’re seeing they seem to do very little in terms of deterrence.

via BBC World Service


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