LA County engaged in forced re-location; incarceration of resistors.

Reason TV reports on the use of Nuissance Abatement Teams (NAT) by LA County to force Antelope Valley residents to vacate their properties. The tactics used are high-handed and sometimes down-right terrorizing.

The people who are being moved off are loners, or independent homesteaders who live off the grid. They are mostly poor, marginal, and defenceless in the face of this kind of proceedural rear-guard action.

Why is LA County evicting people from their own homes? It won’t say. The scuttlebut among residents is some type of development. A highway or housing development of some kind. The suggestion is that by using the NATs to force resident’s out due to “code violations” of one sort or another, they ensure that they will have cheap land to buy up when the time comes.



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