Corruption Allegations in the run up to French Presidential Election.

Sarkozy’s African Affairs advisor, Robert Bourgi has thrown an unexpected spanner in the works of the current run-up to the French Presidential election.

Friday evening Bourgi alleged that he had participated in helping West African political elites in paying off both Jacques Chirac and Dominque de Villepin. Since Villepin is expected to announce his candidacy for President sometime in the not too distant future, the allegations are, if nothing else – inconvenient.

I love Bourgi’s retort to Chirac’s response to the allegation of corruption:

“I am surprised that Jacques Chirac, who is suffering from amnesia when it comes to his tenure as Mayor of Paris, has had suddenly found his memory in order lodge a complaint against me.”

Of course Bourgi is careful to point out that Sarkozy (his current benefactor) asked that the payments from unnamed West-African leaders stop in 2005.

Anyhow for you bilingual folks – I recommend the interview in its native tongue:

Robert Bourgi : « Je maintiens tout ce que j’ai dit »



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