Pro-social Psychopath.

There have been studies about psychopaths for years … I love Mr. Fallon’s conclusion – as scary as it is.

He suggests that maybe we need psychopaths – people with a disconnect between their mygdala and the frontal temporal lobes (hope I have the terminology right).

Surgeons – you want them to be good at surgery, calculating, unmoved and not caught up in the empathetic side of their personas when they work.

Then he says something interesting – CEOs, I don’t want them to be good hearted – just go out and make me some money. BINGO.

How much of our global economy is goverened by psychopaths? That pattern of behaviour, the lack of empathy for human beings caught in the ebbs and flows of economic activities – the Bernie Madoffs of the world – is that not what we’re dealing with right now?

ENRON, TYCO, BP, News International, Lehman Brothers, etc., etc.. Are we not witnessing some truely psychopathic behaviour on the part of our “captains of industry”?

The psychopathic neurobiologist – Boing Boing



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