Torontoist on the Omnibus crime bill being proposed by the ConPar.


Tucked into an omnibus crime bill that will also include legislation on mandatory minimums (since we’ll need to stuff those unnecessary mega-prisons somehow), the bill will do exactly what it says: give police full access to our personal information—including emails, phone numbers, addresses, and other details—by compelling internet providers to surrender it without a warrant. Affording the authorities sweeping powers of surveillance in order to “modernize” law enforcement in a digital age, it’s an alarmingly abyssal legislative rabbit hole, and it comes at an unacceptable cost to civil liberties. Like the armies occupying Toronto during the G20, or even the ultra-secret internment plans kept quiet by the RCMP, the bill will be yet another slap in our democracy’s face under the flimsy auspices, as always, of public safety.

What the hell is going on? They’re also throwing in manditory minimums into the mix. This is something that our American neighbours are learning is utterly useless. See the following review of mandatory sentencing from FSU. You can also see another more partisan list here.


Papers, Please | politics | Torontoist


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