Officer Tony Baloney: Come on down!

The NYPD officer who maced those women in the videos I reposted earlier was identified by a photographer at the scene as Patrol Inspector Anthony V. Bologna. Hacker-Activists Anonymous decided to dox Officer Bologna so now anything he’s done in the Public Record is now free for the perusing.


While it is decided unseemly to make fun of someone attached to the willful harming of another human being, there is some levity at the BoingBoing article noting the dox-ing of Officer Bologna.

The comments thread is especially hilarious.

Kaffenated posted:

I smell the bacon of a misogynist bologna.
Trent Hawkins:
Tony Boloney must have years of repressed anger from constant laughter at his name.
If nothing else there are some LOLZ to come out of this sorry state of affairs.
If you are wanting to let the powers that be know how you feel about this officers conduct you can contact the following people:
(Information Courtesy of

NYPD officer who maced female protesters at Occupy Wall Stret identified, and d0xed by Anonymous – Boing Boing has been identified


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