Busted: Shell Funding Rival Gangs in Niger Delta?

In an assault on common sense Platform – a London based NGO – has accused Shell of bank-rolling rival armed gangs in their pursuit of oil. I’ve never heard anything so rediculous in my life. A corporation engaging in gangsterism? Unthinkable.

In all seriousness here is the link and some of the key findings:

Key findings include:

  1. Platform has heard testimony and seen contracts that implicate Shell in regularly assisting armed militants with lucrative payments. In one case in 2010, Shell is alleged to have transferred over $159,000 to a group credibly linked to militia violence. [4]
  2. Shell admits that from 2006 onwards, the company paid thousands of dollars every month to armed militants in the town of Rumuekpe, in the full knowledge that the money was used to sustain three years of conflict. [5]
  3. A company manager exposes structural problems with Shell’s ‘community development’ programme, claiming that “the money is not going into the rightful hands,” and that poor community engagement caused Shell to shut down a third of its oil production in August 2011 after 12 oil spills in the Adibawa area. [6]

Counting the Cost: corporations and human rights abuses in the Niger Delta | Platform via Shell funded warring militias in the Niger Delta — report – Boing Boing


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