The fix is in kids. Time to start putting backs to the wall.

Occupy Wall Street may need to up the ante. The “Supercommittee” of Congressmen and Senators has been accepting bribes since August.

According to reporter Justin Elliott, so far the 12 member committee has taken in $85 000 USD from private interests. Among the “donors” are Pfizer and Lockheed Martin.

This is the committee that has until November 23rd to recommend trillions of budget cuts over the next decade. What I find so shocking is that the donations are chump change. Republican Representative Dave Camp (R-MI) took in $28 500. A US representative only costs 30 large to buy off? Really? That’s a bargain! If we took up a collection maybe we could afford to buy off a committee or two as well? Maybe for something that matters?

In all seriousness, is there a limit to how much public corruption can take place before Americans dismantle their government?

Reps. Xavier Becerra and Dave Camp  (Credit: Mike Theiler / Reuters) — via

Supercommittee rakes in corporate donations –


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