Right call – not so sure about the respons

The Globe is also reporting on the National Chief’s call to abolish the Indian Act. For one, I would say its about time.

What I find somewhat disengenuous is the condescention being used to defuse a legitimate and long over-due change:

The National Chief is a perceptive and thoughtful politician. Mr. Atleo is right that thorough-going change is needed. Canadians would be grateful for a much more clear account of what it is that he wants and what he hopes for.

Atleo’s bold call for abolition of the Indian Act requires a bold plan – The Globe and Mail

Also in the Globe:

Mr. Atleo envisions an arrangement that would allow first nations to build their own economies. And, in his brief, he argues for “new fiscal transfer arrangements” that would adhere to common principles of fairness and equality among all jurisdictions.

First Nations chief wants to disband Aboriginal Affairs department – The Globe and Mail



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