Occupy Toronto

Former student of mine recorded this today. Not sure about the music Jesse – but rock on anyway.

I’m reposting stuff from friends and colleagues at the Occupation because I cannot be there myself. But for those of you can – I urge you to go.

Find out what this is about first hand.

Here’s the #OccupyToronto Blog on the question: Why Occupy?

Some people continue to think that the government has the ability or the will to protect us from the exploitative practices of capitalism. But they ignore the fact that, in a capitalist society, “Economic power also means political power. Domination of the economy gives control of the instruments of state power.”

If money is power, then you go where the money is to evoke change. Simple really. What that change is — well folks that is what the General Assemblies are about — figuring out what is next, democratically.  The what and the how are TBD my friends. The why is self-evident.


Why Occupy? – What is the issue? (2) | Occupy Toronto Market Exchange


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