Anonymous just called out the Zeta Drug Cartel … big cajones or loco?

Anonymous Mexico has taken a stand against the Zeta drug cartel.

In a video uploaded Oct. 6, an Anonymous spokesperson said that unless the Zetas release one of the group’s members, the group will reveal the photos, names and addresses of Zetas-affiliated cops and taxi drivers. (The member was allegedly kidnapped in the western coastal city of Veracruz during an “Operation Paperstorm” demonstration.) Anonymous also threatened to out journalists accused of “crapping on honest authorities like the army and the navy,” the spokesperson said.

“For the time being, we won’t post photos or the names … of the taxi drivers, the journalists or the newspapers nor of the police officers, but if needed, we will publish them including their addresses, to see if by doing so the government will arrest them,” the spokesperson added.

The photo below was posted as part of a calling out of ex-prosecutor of Tobasco, who has ties to a 200,000 dollar Cocaine deal in that state. The implications for Anonymous (and possibly the Zetas) have yet to play out – obviously – but the shit storm that is likely to follow on from this will be epic.

Anonymous Threatens Mexico’s Murderous Drug Lords | Danger Room |


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