And then?

Yawn. So what? Okay Iran may get a nuke. China, Pakistan, India, Israel (unconfirmed) Britain, France, the US, Russia, Ukraine, hell even North Korea already have more than one. The last one on the list is the really scary prospect — unless of course you consider that only one of the aforementioned states has ever launched a nuclear strike on a human population.

Iran gets an atomic weapon, what is it likely to do with it? Bargain. Quite possibly it won’t even help much there. You need to be credible for the deterrent aspect of that weapon to work. Who would they use it on? Nuke Israel and you destroy many of the Islamic world’s holy sites. Not a good option for the world’s biggest islamic republic.

No. A nuclear Iranis really nothing more than a boondoggle.

Iran may be researching nuclear warhead, claims watchdog | World news | The Guardian


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