Swiss Government shows sanity on piracy …

Seems the Swiss got tired of RIAA and their ilk spouting bullshit and studied the issue of piracy and entertainment spending.

The summary of the report provided by the Swiss is provided in the french below. You can get it in German if you are so inclined. No english for you Anglophones sorry.

La part du revenu disponible dépensée par les consommateurs et consommatrices dans ce domaine reste stable. On observe cependant des transferts au sein de ce budget. Ainsi, les utilisateurs et utilisatrices de sites de partage continuent d’investir dans le secteur du divertissement les économies qu’ils réalisent en téléchargeant des contenus sur Internet, mais au lieu d’acheter des CD et des DVD, ils s’offrent des billets de concert et de cinéma et des produits de merchandising.

(Original report by Swiss goverment can be found here)

The gist of the above was that consumers spending on media and other entertainment options as a proportion of disposable income has remained unchanged. (As compared to what I’m not sure but I may have missed that). Importantly they noted that consumers who visited file sharing sites  still spent money on their favourite movies and artists but did so as ticket purchases or merchandise.

Long story short: sanity prevails.

Swiss Govt: Downloading Movies and Music Will Stay Legal | TorrentFreak


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