INAC to Attawapiskat – you’ll pay the third-party manager

Once again, who is incompetent here? Even by INAC’s standards third party management is not a solution. So telling Attawapiskat that it has to pay out 1200 per week for managment of the band’s finances — even though the intervention is due to health concerns (not financial) — this smacks of paternalism, if not outright criminality.

A recent departmental review of the intervention regime concluded that the third-party management system is not cost-effective, and hurts a band’s ability to govern itself.

“Considerable time and effort is required from (Aboriginal Affairs) and recipients to implement the intervention policy,” says the November 2010 evaluation.

“The cost of co-managers and third-party managers affects the availability of band support funding for governance and administration in recipients.”

The review points out that third-party managers are not able to use surpluses to pay off debt.

Canada News: Attawapiskat First Nation must pay Ottawa $1,300 a day to run its finances –


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