Conservative MPs propose privatizing reserve land …

The Glo bean d’Mail reports:

Conservative MPs are proposing a fundamental change to Canada’s reserve system, advocating legislation that would allow natives to own private property within the communal land of reserves.

The change – recommended Wednesday in a Conservative-led prebudget report by the House of Commons finance committee – would mark a dramatic shift for individuals living on reserve. It would make it easier to accumulate wealth and to use homes as collateral when seeking bank loans to start businesses.

Had this proposal come from the Aboriginal communities (or even if one such community decided to go this way) I would support their right to make the decision. I would disagree with the soundness of the decision, but it is their choice to make.

Imposing this from the outside once again shows Canada for the paternalistic colonizers that we are. Privatisation has very little to do with the current crises casting the spot light on the Indian Act. It has nothing to do with allowing people to decide their fate. It has everything to do with obliterating what is left of a communal culture. In a word – genocide. Albeit genocide by legislation.

Ottawa proposes first nations property ownership – The Globe and Mail



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