Buying and Selling Indigenous Land

The report linked below discusses a highly problematic approach to carbon crediting. The short version is that the Mudurucu people will relinquish their rights to 8800 km^2 of Amazonia in exchange for about USD 4 million per annum. The purcahse was made by Celestial Green Ventures which sells carbon credits.

The difficulty is that Celestial has also secured unlimited access and right to the biodiversity in that zone and not just its carbon sequestering properties. Why would you need those rights? This has led to speculation that Celestial is aiming at some kind of bio-piracy.

According to the report there is some question as to the legality of the deal. I hope for the sake of the Mudurucu people the deal is a) less damaging than it looks and b) they don’t come to regret it.


European Company Buys Rights to Amazon Tribe’s Ancestral Land : TreeHugger


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