Welcome to the Jungle of Canadian Justice

Byron Sonne may or may not be innocent of the charges leveled against him. But we will never know that. One of the reasons we cannot know this is the performance of a farcical public safety search by Toronto Police for material that they failed to find after searching Mr. Sonne’s home.

This man deigned to show that the G20 security gong-show was a farce. As a result he has become the victim of state violence. Make no mistake the court process is violent — its highly ritualized, and slow moving, but it is violent in that the net result for the accused regardless of the final verdict is intended to strip them of their fundamental humanity.

Once charged a human being becomes a body, their personhood is irrelevant, and they become subject to the whims of a system that is neither transparent, nor particularly equitable. Mr. Sonne has been through 2 years of hell. Its time to end this.

Give him his verdict and let him try to move on.

Crown Attorney petitions to re-open Byron Sonne trial | OpenFile


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