Co-dependency and the Non-Profit Sector …

Co-dependency and the Non-Profit Sector, makes sense right? I actually do not pretend to know what makes people do this kind of work but Dan Pallotta is asking if one of the motivations is psychological damage.

Allow me to introduce a brand new elephant to the room: Maybe people get into the compassion business full-time not because they’re more compassionate than others but because they’re codependent. Maybe the driving force is really inverted narcissism — an unhealthy and unexamined addiction to care-taking or to self-neglect.

I have met all sorts working in the Non-Profit or NGO sector on two continents and I cannot in all seriousness pretend that I fully grasp the whole spectrum of motives.

What I do know is that at some level I thought this article actually was about to make a case for greed and selfishness.

A Gordon Gekko style “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good…” is never stated, but I kept expecting it. Perhaps I’m reading “Harvard Business Review” into the piece? Anyhow I’m going to let the author speak for themselves here.

Nonprofit Pathology – Dan Pallotta – Harvard Business Review

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