We volunteer for this sh** all the time.

What makes the current state of personal technology so distressing is the manner in which 1. privacy is routinely violated and 2. how willingly we sign up to be violated. Navizon has started using our “always-on” mobiles as a way to triangulate and track us wherever one of their nodes are located. Anyone with an active wi-fi radio is tracked without permission.

Most of us leave Wi-Fi on by default, in part because our phones chastise us when we don’t. (Triangulation by Wi-Fi hotspots is important for making location services more accurate.) But you probably didn’t realize that, using proprietary new “nodes” from Navizon, any device with an active Wi-Fi radio can be seen by a system like Navizon’s.

If You Have a Smart Phone, Anyone Can Now Track Your Every Move – Technology Review



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