Secret Tribunals to Go Directly to Vote in Commons

Intelligence Agencies want to effectively keep “sensitive” material out of public court hearings.

So-called closed material procedures would allow sensitive evidence to be given in court but not seen by all the participants. Defendants or claimants and their courtroom representatives would be barred from the closed part of the hearing, removing the adversarial nature of the justice system … Human rights groups and many lawyers, including those vetted to represent alleged victims of wrongful behaviour by MI5 and MI6, are alarmed at the proposals, warning that evidence that cannot be tested in court may be unreliable and could lead to miscarriages of justice.

Given that courts produce miscarriages even under the best conditions – I would say this last line should be interpreted not as possibility but as certainty. Moreover if you are black, brown, non-white or poor you will find that what was already a foregone conclusion is now a foregone conclusion in secret.

Queen’s speech: plan for secret hearings in civil courts brought forward | Law |

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