G20 victims. Byron Sonne and his Partner.

I cannot blame Sonne’s partner from bailing. 3 days in detention will ruin anyone’s perspective.

Days later the couple were both behind bars — Sonne would spend nearly 11 months in pre-trial custody; while Peterson, arrested a day after her husband, was released after three nights in jail — and they have not said a word to each other since.

Sonne’s comments are poigniant:

“I refuse to say my life is ruined,” the irreverent and mischievous computer hacker told the Star in an exclusive interview during his trial. “But it’s f—ed up.”

Yes Byron, it’s fucked up. And if the Star has any stones it will help you push those bastards to the wall.

Toronto News: Byron Sonne walks free, but the G20 forever changed his life – thestar.com

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