Swedish Telcom Implicated in Wiretapping for Authoritarian Regimes

It seems the Swedes have had a hand in wire-tapping dissidents and political reformers on behalf of some rather unsavoury regimes. Actually screw that — who cares if the regimes are unsavoury or not. They are spying, period.

According to a recent investigation by the Swedish news show Uppdrag Granskning, Sweden’s telecommunications giant Teliasonera is the latest Western country revealed to be colluding with authoritarian regimes by selling them high-tech surveillance gear to spy on its citizens. Teliasonera has allegedly enabled the governments of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Georgia and Kazakhstan to spy on journalists, union leaders, and members of the political opposition. One Teliasonera whistle-blower told the reporters, “The Arab Spring prompted the regimes to tighten their surveillance. … There’s no limit to how much wiretapping is done, none at all.”

Follow the link-fodder for more:

Swedish Telcom Giant Teliasonera Caught Helping Authoritarian Regimes Spy on Their Citizens | Electronic Frontier Foundation


Swedish telcoms giant Teliasonera complicit in mass surveillance in the world’s worst dictatorships – Boing Boing




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