A call for data

A little piece from Discover Magazine about the challenge of too many health care choices. This specifically applies to treatments, it seems that there are so many options that no one really knows which ones actually work … good data (i.e. studies not bought and sold by BigPharma) is a precious commodity. The article calls for a change in that situation.

Having lots of treatment options is useless if we have no way to intelligently choose between them. That is exactly what we need to remedy in our health-care system: Instead of offering a vast array of choices, we must eliminate options that are needlessly risky and expensive by providing more proof of what works best. The government has pledged $500 million annually, beginning in 2014, to do exactly that. Comparing various treatments and supporting the most effective won’t ruthlessly eliminate patient choice. It will help patients and doctors make better treatment decisions. It may end up limiting choice but only by removing the wrong options.

The Contrarian: Patients Should Have Fewer Medical Choices, Not More | Health Policy | DISCOVER Magazine


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