UK declares war on the Young, Suzanne Moore objects … The Guardian

In a commentary that frankly chills me to the bone, Suzanne Moore spells out the retrenchment in terms that should make us all weep.

Those people who are surprised that David Cameron wants to take away housing benefit from the under-25s have not been paying attention at the back. From tuition fees to workfare to benefit cuts to young parents, to careers stitched up by free internships and temporary contracts, a clear ideological and electoral decision has been made. These young people don’t vote, they don’t pay much tax, and they are superfluous to a Tory win. It is older people who vote. Thus the freezing, half-starved pensioner is always wheeled out – not the comfortably-off guy playing golf in Marbella – to be pitted against feckless, hooded youth – as though we have to choose between them. We don’t.

Where does the line get drawn. When is it enough of this neocon bullshit? I don’t know, but what I do know is that change will not come from the ballot box. It can’t and I get the impression that Suzanne Moore agrees. Its not apathy that stops youth from voting, its anger. And that anger is not solely directed at voting, its directed at a society that believes that voting is the only acceptable form of political expression.

Young people are rubbish … | Comment is free | The Guardian



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