Economist smells something rotten in Canada …

A former student of mine posted a version of this story on his Facebook feed. I’m going for the source here – why? Because its The Economist!

During his six years as prime minister—five of them with a parliamentary minority until he won a majority at an election last year—Mr Harper has acquired a reputation for playing fast and loose with the rules. He twice prorogued Parliament, once to avoid a censure vote and then apparently to duck embarrassing questions from a parliamentary committee.

Though the prime minister once campaigned as a crusader for accountability and openness, he has acquired the habit of secrecy. In April the auditor general accused the government of misleading Parliament about the cost of an order for F-35 jet fighters. The parliamentary budget officer, an independent watchdog, is considering going to court to force the government to release details of job and service losses in the budget’s C$5.2 billion ($5.1 billion) of spending cuts. The courts are “perhaps the only institution of accountability this government does not seem prepared to harass, intimidate, ignore or roll over,” wrote Andrew Coyne, a columnist for the conservative National Post.

According to the Economist Mr. Harper’s reign may be coming to a close. There is a high degree of alienation that has come out of his polarizing and highly undemocratic manner in Parliament. We shall see.

Canadian politics: Time to flip | The Economist



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