BBC gagged

A Birmingham judge bans BBC from showing dramatized report on the riots that shook the country last summer. This is not such unreasonable request perhaps given he had a jury sitting on a high-profile case tied to those riots. BUT the law used to imposed the gag order does so in such a way that the press was also banned from saying a ban had been imposed.

Now I understand the Judge had every reason to expect the ban to be temporary, but the fact this mechanism exists at all is just … chilling.

The injunction by Flaux, the Birmingham crown court judge who presided over the murder trial of eight men who were acquitted on Thursday, prevented the BBC from showing its two-part series, The Riots: in their own Words, and stopped the wider media from reporting on the ban. Flaux admitted he had not seen the films, but had read a transcript, when he ordered the ban on Monday … [t]he wide-ranging court order was only allowed to be reported on Thursday after the jury returned their verdict in the 12-week trial.

BBC speaks of disappointment over riot injunction | Media |


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