Michael Moore: It’s the Guns – But We All Know, It’s Not Really the Guns

I’ve read a lot of material on gun culture, gun control, and I have not really come across a more nuanced response than that of Michael Moore. I know many like to paint him as an Iconoclast, but truth be told he points at the smell and says: Behold! A turd!

Moore suggests that there is a deeply rooted problem wrong with American culture — there is also a lot of good in it — but its the ugly bit that he’s homing in on here. Its the perculiar fact that Americans kill each other with guns that seems to rankle so much. He attributes it to a culture of martial aggression turned inwards, but I suspect this is only part of the problem. He recognizes this too. We can only get to the root of this by stripping away one layer of the problem to reveal the others. Then the next layer. Its a gradualist response but given the viceral response of dealing with guns in the US it may be the only answer America can tolerate. Anyhow give it a read.

It’s the Guns – But We All Know, It’s Not Really the Guns | Common Dreams


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