Data – A Civil Rights Issue we didn’t know we had.

An article by Alistair Croll makes the point that all this data collection we do in our social media dominated world is a potential nightmare of discrimination.

Its a fascinating read because the obsession with personalization is really just a market friendly way of discriminating. While harmless for music recommendations, it has real consequences when my music choices start to tell you about other socio-economic indicators that let you limit my choices or close them off all together. I’ll let Mr. Croll explain more fully but you’ll want to read this.

There’s a gap right now between the data we collect and how we govern its use. And GOVERN it we must. Not necessarily in the manner of massive systemic interventions — although this is certainly one option — but perhaps by limiting the information we share. At this moment we’re so loose with our data that in many ways we’re running around naked for all to see. This may ultimately be the best way to be, but for now, states and businesses are ethically incapable of behaving themselves. Again worth a read.

Big data is our generation’s civil rights issue, and we don’t know it – O’Reilly Radar


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