Jonathan Freedland for th Guardian:

The trouble now is that while we face a global economic crisis, our politics remains stubbornly national. It may even be the 21st-century condition: the greatest threats – economic and environmental – are supra-national, yet our weapons, forged in the 19th century, are small, hopelessly confined to national boundaries.

The supra-national has a void at the top he says. I’m not sure if he’s speaking in terms of leadership or an actual hegemon. To me this is a crucial distinction. The hegemon is a bully. Leadership, is taking stock and leading by unselfish example. China has the capacity to lead, and in some ways so does the US — providing it can keep its domestic politics bottled up. Which of them will (if either of them) is something we may not have time to wait for. And if no leadership is shown. What then? The answer may rest with the Catalans and their willingness to go into the streets.

The crisis is global, yet our politics remains stubbornly national | Jonathan Freedland | Comment is free | The Guardian


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