Saving Capitalism From Itself

Labour’s Ed Miliband seems to be okay with capitalists who get there through hard work. Problem is that he utterly ignores the inherent exploitation of that system. He does so at his peril I think. There is no such thing as a natural surplus. There is always someone or something that has to lose out by the extraction process. Be it a labourer or office worker putting in a “few more hours” to get ahead or to support the team or the use of environmental resources. So to talk about capitalism in the way Miliband does ignores one of its fundamental tenets, and this is a fatal error. Its one that Blair made. Its one that Labour, should it wish to remain relevant, probably shouldn’t continue to make.

On his father Ralph who really was a marxist:

My dad was sceptical of all the Thatcher aspirational stuff,” he said. “But I felt you sort of had to recognise that what she was talking about struck a chord. I want to save capitalism from itself.

Ed Miliband: I don’t mind the rich, as long as they got there the hard way | Politics |



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