FBI going after Anarchists

Dangerous Minds has picked up a report on the FBI doing raids in the Northwestern United States seeking Anarchists.

Between 60 to 80 FBI officers, working in conjunction with agents of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, armed to the teeth and wearing paramilitary uniforms, stormed the homes of several suspected “anarchists” in Portland in late July.

What is worrying is that the raids seem to be focused on generating evidence of malfeasance rather than an actual offence.

In addition the aim seems to be to drive a wedge into the American Anarchist movement with local activists being “invited” to testify against their compatriots in front of a grand jury. Of course refusing to do so comes with the threat of jail time.

Bravo America.

Dangerous Minds | America gets its own Pussy Riot: What books on your shelf would the FBI call ‘terrorist literature’?


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