Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple – Golden Dawn – Racism’s Rise in Greece

Fascism is on the rise and if you doubt it you only need to read Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple’s harrowing report about the rise of Greek Neo-Nazis and the complicity of the state in facilitating the broad-daylight assault on immigrants.

I find some of the language Penny chooses – like her characterization of EU immigration law as a “quirk” slighly irritating, but as a whole the piece highlights a real problem that must be snuffed out before it gains any further traction.

One soon suspects that New Democracy, Greece’s main center-right party, sees political advantage in fostering racial tension and allowing violence towards migrants to continue. When you learn that international human rights organisations condemned Greek police for letting racist attacks go unpunished, even as 1,600 migrants were deported in the first of many public raids, the suspicion becomes nauseating reality. The new deportation policy is named for Zeus Xenios—the Greek god of hospitality—because we have come to the end of the age of irony. These days, state power is the bully in the corner, daring you to laugh in its face.

Bully in the corner indeed. These are the fuckers who they’re allowing to ooze onto the sidewalks:

That’s GD’s insignia. That’s the calling card they leave on the edges of Attica square. Now if these guys get a grip on the public discourse what more is left?


The Golden Dawn via


The Golden Dawn – Boing Boing



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