Congratulations Gian Gomeshi …

… this morning you finally demonstrated why the CBC has abrogated its role as a cultural instutution. While listening to your launch of the latest “Canada Reads” I was flabberghasted when you explicitly touted the regional dimension of this year’s competition, and in the following breath specify that the works of fictions must be “in english.”

Well fuck me sideways Gian. You mean its a regional face off sans Francophone Canada. Its Anglophone Canada Reads! Oh fuck me here I was thinking we might actually get to hear the panel struggling through their miserable french literacy on the public airwaves.

Maybe I’m being too harsh? Maybe we cannot expect the national broadcaster to educate the country. Perhaps we should be thanking them. After all we’re being spared the collective national embarassment of demonstrating how bad we are at having two national languages. Bravo Gian. Bravo CBC. Mon ostie de saint-sacrament de câlice de crisse!


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