Meridian Miss. Named in DOJ suit for running School to Prison Pipeline.

This one falls well and truly into the Excreta Americana category: Meridian, Miss., was just named in a Federal lawsuit in the US. Seems Meridian decided that school infractions were worthy of a criminal court process and could double as an effective way of cleaning “undesirable” elements out of the Schools.

The federal lawsuit casts a wide net in indicting the systems that worked to deny Meridian children their constitutional rights. It names as defendants the state of Mississippi; the city of Meridian; Lauderdale County, which runs the Lauderdale County Youth Court; and the local Defendant Youth Court Judges Frank Coleman and Veldore Young for violating Meridian students’ rights up and down the chain.

Note that almost all children incarcerated in this system (and they are children starting at age 10) were African American. This is going to be a massive fight, not the least because a Federal agency is suing a State, a Municipality and Judges. I’m not 100 per cent sure what that means jurisdictionally but you can bet that there’s going to be a massive number of Constitutional Purists (probably ex-Klansmen) pissing themselves over this.

The Shocking Details of a Mississippi School-to-Prison Pipeline – COLORLINES


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