The Feudal Analogy & Security

The way we treat security now is akin to the Feudal model – so the author suggests – and frankly its compelling in terms of its imagery. With one exception. Organizationally the degree to which we’re locked-in is not as complete. But the following line does suggest we’re close:

These companies own us, so they can sell us off like serfs.

Your iPhone, Kindle, Facebook, etc own the data you supply them. And that situation is not one you can easily choose to opt out of. The ubiquitousness of certain communities of use – FB being a case in point – ensures that you may be captured by it just by virtue of all your contacts sharing important (and unimportant) information using it.

This “capture” is only likely to become more complete in time rather than less. And as the hardware and software of the system become increasingly co-owned – we’re heading for a wicked moment of reckoning.

When It Comes to Security, We’re Back to Feudalism | Wired Opinion |


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