Palestine moves to Isolate Canada.

Canada’s untenable position on Palestine disqualifies it as a contributor to the peace process.

The newly boosted Palestinian Authority is planning a diplomatic campaign to isolate Canada in the Middle East, arguing Ottawa’s vitriolic stand against upgraded UN status for Palestinians has disqualified it from any role in the peace process.

This is state of Canada’s diplomatic reputation. Our external national identity as peacekeepers remains a vestigial stump left over from our 20th Century role as US/British Vassal state. Its time we recognize that in the 21st Century, we’re acutally the bad guys on a number of issues. Chretien’s repudiation of the Invasion of Iraq was a rare moment in what has otherwise been a concerted attempt by Canada to quash, kill or minimize the claims of others to self-determination.

Palestinians paint Canada as too extreme – The Globe and Mail


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