Its not just the British …


Nick Cohen in The Observer notes that things are actually much worse than they were in the great roll backs of the 70s and 80s, and yet where is the unrest? Where is labour?

Its been emasculated. Neutered.

I don’t want riots or a crime wave, but let’s face it, when establishment commentators talked of the “crisis of the 70s”, what they meant was that organised labour could restrict the powerful’s freedom of movement.

Its not just the British North Americans have forgotten that the “order of things” is anything but natural. People who should be recognizing their interest as a class have utterly bought the ideology of neoliberal capital and its malthusian turn: Work at starvation wages and be greatful you have a job. The degree to which we have accepted that there is no room for demanding better wages is shocking at a moment where CEOs and Bankers are pulling down compensation packages so large they dwarf any previous generation of executives salaries. And yet we cannot afford to pay a living wage. Frankly my dears that’s bullshit. 

The British have no fight in them any more | Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Observer


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