Molly Crabapple asks: when did adolescent angst become criminal?

She starts simply enough:

In December, a New Jersey schoolboy was arrested for drawing in class.

But of course it goes deeper and its a bad bad scene. We’ve allowed ourselves to see the world as something dangerous to be fixed. Well it is dangerous – but because of the helicopter moms and the fuckwits who run Schools as though every child were a ming vase and every rule an inviolable law of physics. So now we arrest pre-teens for exploring their inner angst and a frankly natural sense that society is fucked up. You know why kids think that way? Because society is fucked up. Crabapple has picked apart the bullshit – injected some of her own perhaps – but she didn’t have to try that hard – we’re wading hip deep in that bullshit folks. Kids who draw guns are not about to start shooting people. Although they might if we start arresting them for thinking about things other than the mundane and the pedestrian.

I’m thinking we really have learned nothing about the real roots of authoritarianism. Its not anti-social kids who are the problem, its the schools and the institutions geared towards stamping out cookie cutter automatons. Behave or we will fuck you up. Too late.

Shooter Boys and At-Risk Girls | VICE


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